Tuition increase: We can help!

If any UCalgary student that is passionate about bicycles is looking for a little bit of tuition relief, we need some extra help over the busy spring and summer repair season. As part of the full-service program at Bike Root, a portion of every full-service repair job will be applied to your tuition. Inquire at

Applicants will be required to demonstrate their bicycle mechanical knowledge before being approved to take on full service responsibilities. Opportunities to grow in bicycle mechanical skills will be available throughout the winter semester. We have over 125 donated bikes in the shop now that need to be repaired by spring, and it generally takes about 20 complete bike repairs to go from interested to experienced.

Order parts through Bike Root

We are proud to announce the ability to order parts through us. Prices will generally be better than retail, and if you are a volunteer of Bike Root with at least 20 hours contributed, your price will be only the item cost: you pay what we pay!

Please use this form to learn more and to request parts:

Studded Schwalbe Winter Tires available

We have a few brand new 26″ Schwalbe studded winter tires available at the shop for $60 each, almost $30 lower than currently listed on Amazon. If you intend on cycling through winter, studded winter tires are a must on at least your front wheel. If you want these tires, please schedule an appointment at


In case the previous comment of having over 125 donated bikes at the shop wasn’t an indication enough, we could use your help to fix these bikes as well as keeping the shop open. Start considering your schedule during the winter term, and if you can fit in 2-3 hours every week, it would make a huge difference to help keep the shop open more as we gradually work through the bikes.

New Tools

We have started to replace some worn out tools with new ones, and we have also started getting tools we have never had before…better equipping us to provide the equipment you need for any common bike repair. Nothing is as satisfying as seeing our workbenches filled more and more with that beautiful Park Tool blue!

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