That’s right; welcome back to Bike Root!

Appointments are now open to work on your bike yourself!
Book your DIY/self service appointment through the big green “Schedule Appointment” button on this page. $10 Annual Membership is required to work on your own bike at Bike Root, and you will be able to complete the membership form and pay the $10 charge when you arrive.

Full service (having someone work on your bike for you) is also available through the big green “Schedule Appointment” button on this page.

Please do not visit Bike Root without first scheduling an appointment. This is vital to help prevent crowding during these COVID times. Exceptions may be made for emergencies like a flat, but if it’s not an emergency, and you have not made an appointment, you will most likely be turned away.

If you see the signs out (pictured above), then you are welcome to stop by for an emergency repair. If the signs are not out, emergency repair may not be possible.

Health safety
We want both you and us to be able to continue enjoy riding our bicycles. Please help us create an environment that is welcoming at a 2m distance. As such, showing you how to fix your own bike with you glancing over our shoulders won’t be possible for the foreseeable future.

Mask usage may be required by the lead volunteer running the shop, particularly if the shop is busy and keeping a 2m distance is challenging. Masks will be available to buy for $1 each if you happen to forget it.

Disposable gloves are included free with your membership. Please use them to minimize potential contact transmission. You are also able to thoroughly wash your hands at the sink.

Plenty of Rubbers to go around!

We’re now re-stocked on tubes, and we’re proud to support both a Canadian company (Rubbers) and supplier (Campervan Brands). While the entire globe is out of standard 26″ schrader valve tubes, we have managed to acquire a few that are thicker than standard tubes, but also with a higher price. Hopefully standard 26″ schrader tubes can be back in stock in a few months.

We need your help!
Shown in green above is Bike Root’s current volunteer commitments (26 July 2020). Please consider filling in the scheduling gaps (in white) to help keep Bike Root open longer. We are permitted to operate between 8am-8pm every day of the week. Training will be provided; you’ll only be needed to help keep the shop running smooth, sign people up for membership…no bike experience required! Let us know that you’re interested in helping by emailing:

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