How do I become a member?

Simply come to the shop when we are open to purchase a membership. For more information, visit our membership page.

Where is the shop?

Our shop is located on the University of Calgary campus, inside the Arts Parkade. Visit our location page for detailed directions.

My bicycle needs repairs, can I make an appointment?

No need for an appointment, just drop by when we are open. Our hours can be found on our hours and location page. Instead of repairing your bike for you, we will teach you how to repair your bicycle. No matter your level of experience we will do our best to teach you and get your bike out the door running smoothly.

What can I expect to learn?

This depends on the amount of traffic we have in the shop and your previous experience working on bicycles. We try to have multiple volunteers in at all times so each visitor to the shop can get attention. Our experienced mechanics can walk you through performing even the most complicated repairs, but it is up to you to get your hands dirty and do the work!

How experienced are your mechanics?

Our mechanics are volunteers who have varying levels of knowledge. Some simply know the basics of repair which is everything you need to know for a basic tune-up, others are more experienced.

Do you sell parts?

Yes! We have an inventory of brand new common parts, including 26″ and 700C tubes and tires, brake cables/housing and shift cables/housing. We also have an inventory of used parts, including a large stock of parts for vintage road bikes. We also have some bikes which can be stripped for parts.

I already know how to repair my bike. This doesn’t sound like the place for me.

It absolutely is. If you know what you are doing, please feel free to come in and use our tools.

What kinds of tools do you have?

We have every tool needed to work on most bikes. We have repair stands and a basic tool kit for each but also have tools such as a headset press and rotor tuning fork. We also have shop supplies including bike wash, chain lube and a blowtorch. We do not have tools for working on hydraulic brakes, welding, ect. The largest piece of machinery we have is our air compressor. If we are missing a tool that you feel is important for us to have, speak to the mechanic and we will consider making a purchase.

My bike needs more than 3 hours of work, can I leave it at your shop?

It depends how much room we have in the shop. Generally members are allowed to leave their bikes in the shop as long as they tag them with their name. Our shop is monitored by video cameras and only volunteers are able to open the lock, so your bike is safe with us.

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