Looking for a new volunteer opportunity?

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Here at the Bike Root we are always looking to expand our hours and our presence on campus and in Calgary. Our shop is 100% volunteer run. Whether you have mechanic skills, managerial skills, event planning skills, super friendly people skills, or you just love to ride bikes, we have a volunteer opportunity for you.

Bike Root Ambassador:

The responsibilities are minor and the perks are supreme. Our ambassadors get to enjoy a free membership and free access to most of our events. This position is for the regular shop user who does not want any major commitments throughout the year, but wants to promote the shop. This program is open to students, staff and the Calgary community.

Responsibilities include: Promoting the shop, attending events and visiting the shop regularly to answer questions about the shop and help members work on their bikes.

Junior Executive Program:

The responsibilities are minimal and the perks are supreme. Our junior execs enjoy a free membership, access to all of the events in our city (Local Farmer’s Markets, Sled Island, Calgary Folk Music Festival) and the opportunity to grow your bike knowledge while meeting some fantastic people. This position requires a formal application, including a resume and cover letter. Your volunteer time also goes on your Co-Curricular record, which is the University of Calgary’s official document that recognizes a student’s out-of-classroom experiences which looks good for future employment.

Responsibilities include: take a bike mechanic course run by our VP Exec Mechanic, opening/closing shop on weekly scheduled hours (dependent on volunteer availability), regular cleaning, promotional duties as assigned and a pairing with one of our VP Executives, and of course, visiting the shop regularly to answer questions about the shop and help members work on their bikes.

To qualify for the Junior Exec Program you must:

Be enrolled as a student at the University of Calgary and have a keen interest in bikes!

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, shoot us an email at info@bikeroot.ca or find us on Facebook or come by the shop when we are open.