Want to get rid of your old bike?

Do you find yourself looking in your garage and there are old bikes taking up space? Or need to get rid of bicycle parts? Go through this guide to getting rid of that..

Give it a look over

Before throwing out that two wheeled stallion, make sure that it will be next to impossible to refurbish the bike. Not just by you but by anybody! If the bike seems to be in working condition and is just old, that is a good sign. You could always take the time and put some grease and love to your bike to make it work like its brand new.

Consider donating it

There are lots of options for donating your old bike. For instance, you could always take it to a bike cooperative. There are a couple well known ones in Calgary, including us at the Bike Root, but if not, then take it too Good Life Bicycle Shop.

Recycle it

Take your bike to any of The City’s landfill Throw ‘N’ Go areas for recycling. Charges will apply.

Throw it out

If you have residential quantities of unusable bicycles or parts, throw them out in your black cart.