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To support the growth of a cycling community in Calgary and to empower both the campus community and local Calgarians in developing their own bike mechanical skills.

Founded in 2008, the Bike Root is a 100% volunteer-run, campus community bicycle shop located at the University of Calgary in Calgary, Alberta. In addition to being an incorporated not-for-profit society, the Bike Root is also a University of Calgary Student Union sanctioned club.

Here at the Bike Root, the workspace and tools are available to all of our members. However, unlike a conventional bike shop, we do not provide repairs but instead, empower our members and provide them with the skills needed to repair their bikes themselves. A knowledgeable volunteer is always on hand to help guide you,  while our fully equipped bike shop will provide you with all of the tools and parts necessary to get the job done.

In short, no matter your skill level, we aim to give you the tools and knowledge you will need to keep your and your bike on the road.

Please read our services section to find out more about all of the services currently offered.


  • Empower people through knowledge
  • Increase accessibility to ride bicycles.
  • Decrease the University of Calgary’s CO2 emissions


  • Sustainability
  • Community
  • Empowerment
  • Acceptance
  • Accessibility
  • Fun

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