If you are interested in any of these executive positions or just volunteering on a regular basis, email your resume to INFO@BIKEROOT.CA  

Open Positions:

  1. President
    • Manage and assist executive team to ensure Bike Root’s mission is fulfilled
  2. VP Communications
    • Communicate with members and volunteers
    • Act as representative for Sustainability Clubs Alliance
    • Develop marketing strategy and create content for online presence
  3. VP Finance
    • Develop and manage finances of the club
    • Create a fundraising plan
  4. VP Outreach
    • Learn about how to work with stakeholders in the community.
    • Develop relationships with on and off campus clubs and organizations
  5. VP Events
    • Work with VP Outreach to make connections and plan events with outside organizations
    • Host awesome events – Bike sale in spring!
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