Bicycle Theft

Stolen Bike?

1. Notify the Police

  • Report your stolen bike by calling the Calgary Police Department non-emergency line (403-266-1234) or visit a district office.

2. Notify the cycling community about the theft, including Bike Root, The Good Life, & Bike Calgary. 

3. Check online classifieds to see if your bike is posted for sale.

  • Try looking through ebay, craigslistKijiji‘s bicycle forums to see if your bike is being sold. There are also bike-specific listings, such as pinkbike.

4. Spread the word. Let the world know that your bike has been stolen!

  • Try posting a wanted ad on the classified sites listed above
  • post your stolen bike on Bike Root’s facebook page, or tweet @bikeroot and @bikecalgary with hashtags #stolenbike and #yycbike with a link to your stolen bike report


Document your bike. Make sure to have on file, in a safe place:

Lock your bike.

  • Use a good lock, preferably a U-Lock.
  • Always lock your bike, even if you are only going to be gone a few minutes.
  • Lock your bike to something secure and sturdy, preferably a bike rack. Busy public places are usually a good choice when locking your bike.
  • Store your bike inside your home or workplace when possible. Do not leave your bike in a shared area of an apartment building unlocked.

Insure and register your bike.

  • If you own an expensive bike, inquire to see if your home insurance covers bike theft and under what conditions, or consider other insurance options.
  • Register your bike at Bike Index and Bike Shepherd. If your bike is stolen, these websites you to report it as stolen and and will help in bike recovery.
  • If you own a Kryptonite lock, make sure to register your lock and keys. Some of their locks come with insurance for your bike if it is stolen.