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Triple BS (Bike Build Bash Saturdays) with free pizza!
Come out at 11am for free pizza and then work on some bikes (donated to Bike Root) to sell at the Spring Sale in MacHall! No experience required, just a willingness to learn.

The donated bicycles will have a wide variety of maintenance required. Things you can expect to learn: brake and shifting tuning, cable and housing replacement, new chain installation, wheel truing, etc.

Bike Root is a shop that provides learning-by-doing. As such, you will be very hands-on learning how to fix a bicycle instead of having someone constantly over your shoulder. Feel free to ask one of our helpful volunteers if you have a question or don’t know what do check next, and we’ll provide guidance while empowering you with the knowledge and experience of mechanical systems on bicycles!

Also, if you have a bicycle you would like to donate, this would be a great time to bring it! Bicycle donations are welcome any time the shop is open. The most up-to-date shop hours can always be found at

Currently paused; will resume!

Annual Bike Sale in MacHall
Located in the South Courtyard of MacHall (between the SU and Campus Security offices), we will be selling all of the bikes we have worked hard to fix up to this point.  Locks will also be sold for $10 off marked price with a bike purchase, and as always, with a bike purchase at Bike Root, the $10 annual membership is included for free!  Both cash and credit/debit will be accepted.

Currently paused; will resume!

Deep Clean Saturday
With all of the bikes sold (from the Spring Sale) opening up a tremendous amount of space, let’s clean Bike Root from top to bottom!  A couple people will dust the ceiling pipes the night before (and letting the dust settle overnight).  Then, we’ll be hard at work scrubbing every surface to make sure we’re ready for the busy spring season!  As with most Bike Root events, this will include free pizza and pop starting at 11am.

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