Bike Root is seeking to fulfill several positions.  Please contact info@bikeroot.ca to indicate your interest.  If you think you have something to contribute that is not listed here, feel free to let us know!

VP Internal:
• Sets a consistent weekly schedule and updates shop hours on the website
• Contacts volunteers weekly to confirm their availability that week
• Arranges internal events to strengthen the cohesion of the team (executive meals, events)

VP Events:
• Responsible for the continued success of the annual Spring Bike Sale in MacHall
• Builds on the success of previous events and leads the creation of new events in line with Bike Root’s mission

VP Group Ride Events:
• Builds community through organizing and leading frequent group rides for varying skill levels
• Seeks opportunities to engage potential members, those already members, and volunteers/executives

VP External Events:
• Works with outside organizations to represent Bike Root in the community through our mobile setup
• Can include major events like the Folk Music Festival, or community-level setups at local malls, containR, etc.
• Must be able to pull the Bike Root trailer with your own bike (connects through a custom quick-release)

VP Communications:
• Updates details on website including executive bios
• Responds to emails and social media inquiries
• Shares shop hours to social media (set by VP Internal) and cycling related content
• Sends +/- monthly newsletter emails to volunteers highlighting key events coming up, ways to get involved, etc.

VP Sales:
• Responsible for keeping inventory of new parts in stock
• Seeks opportunities to sell excess parts and finished bikes through Kijiji, Marketplace, Letgo, etc.

Upcoming shop hours:

• Thursday, December 12: 5-7pm
• Thursday, December 19: 5-7pm
As us students prepare for Finals and Break, shop hours will be very limited and sporadic until the new year.  Thank you for making 2019 a record-breaking year, and see you in 2020!

As a volunteer-run shop, sometimes we have to change our hours with short notice. This website will always have the most up-to-date hours.  Please consider contributing your time to help keep the shop open!


The Bike Root is located on the University of Calgary campus, at the intersection of University Gate NW and University Way NW. The shop is on the ground floor in the North-West corner of the Arts Parkade. To get to the shop, you can either walk down the vehicle ramp or the stairs. You will see a set of bike racks, a sign and a large garage door. Access is only from outside of the Arts Parkade, the shop cannot be entered from inside the parkade.

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