Welcome to Bike Root!

We are a student-run community bike shop (many kinds of names for this type of shop including club, cooperative, and collective) at the University of Calgary providing the following levels of service:

DIY Bike Repairs: We provide the space and tools to help you fix and maintain your bicycle for a $10 annual membership.

Full Service Bike Repairs: We can help fix your bike if you are not yet comfortable working on your bike.  Please note: prices increase May 2.

Refurbished Bikes for purchase: Get rolling on a rescued bike.  With bikes continuing to be in short supply this year, purchase a used bike instead to save money compared to paying premiums this year on limited supply.  Supply and availability vary from time to time; we welcome you to check back from time to time to see what is available.

State of the Cycling Industry

With continued part and tool shortages, expect this year to be challenging.  However, the continued growth of cycling’s popularity is expediting humanity’s efforts to become more sustainable, and that is far beyond anything many of us could have hoped for.  Cities are responding to public health concerns by expanding cycling infrastructure.  Recent rise of fuel prices have also contributed to more demand for affordable and reliable transportation options.  Are you ready to join the two wheeled revolution?


We could use your help to fix these bikes as well as keeping the shop open. If you can fit in 2-4 hours every week, or more, it would make a huge difference to help keep the shop open more as we work through the bikes and meet the growing demand for appointments.  Contact info@bikeroot.ca to get involved!