We aim to support the growth of the cycling community in Calgary. We empower cyclists by facilitating the development of bike maintenance skills, providing a space with tools to work on bikes, and encouraging cycling through bike-focused activities.

Founded in 2008, Bike Root is a student-run community bicycle shop located at the University of Calgary. The workspace and tools are available to all of our members, but unlike a conventional bike shop, our focus is to empower Bike Root members, providing them with the skills needed to repair their bikes themselves, rather than only providing a repair service. A knowledgeable volunteer is often on hand to help guide you, while our fully equipped bike shop will provide you with all of the tools and parts necessary to get the job done. Opportunities are always available to be hands-on repairing bicycles, any time the shop is open. Feel free to come in and start working on one of the extra bikes! In short, no matter your skill level, we aim to give you the tools and knowledge you will need to keep you and your bike on the road.

The Team

President: Austin Sersen

: Urban Studies

Extracurriculars: Live Video Producer/Director for Dinos hockey and soccer, 7-Eleven/Esso attendant for additional income, Volunteer at CSC’s video ministry, full time student, and on top of all of that, Korean language learner when time permits. Proud season ticket holder with both the Calgary Stampeders and Calgary Roughnecks!
Favourite Wing Flavour
: 고추장 (Korean spicy red pepper sauce)

VP Communications: Avery Bexson

Major: Physical Geography

Extracurriculars: Running, Hiking, and Plants

Favourite Wing Flavour: Dill Pickle

VP External: Tim Jacobs

Major: Urban Studies

Extracurriculars: Woodworking, Squash, and biking (shocker!)

Favourite Wing Flavour: Tie between Barbecue and Honey mustard

VP Shop Operations: Alex Scheer

Major: Urban Studies

Extracurriculars: Bike Root and generally vibing

Favourite wing flavour: Oh man, variety is really key here, but you can never go wrong with a good spicy honey garlic or even just a quality BBQ sauce. Caribbean Jerk for an occasional treat.

VP Sales
: Grant Mansiere

Major: Bachelor of Commerce

Extracurriculars: Bikes, Hardstyle, and Longboards.

Favourite Wing Flavour: I have never had wings.

VP Internal
: Samuel Agostini

Major: Urban Studies

Extra Curriculars: Cycling, Gaming, and Movies

Favourite Wing Flavour: Whiskey Maple Barbecue