Closing the Shop

Below are a list of guidelines and expectations for volunteers when closing the shop.

Turn off the LED lights #

Leaving the LED lights on for extended periods of time will cause them to burn out. There should be two switches either on the front table or on a shelf next to the front table. Be sure to turn them off before leaving the shop.

Discharging the compressor #

Check to make sure the compressor is discharged prior to leaving the shop. Even if it was not used during your shift, it is possible it may have been used prior to it. Just make sure the switch is in the “off” position; if it is left in the “on” position, the compressor will turn back on again when the tank is low in pressure. It is also good practice to release the air pressure in the tank, either by pulling on the release ring or by releasing it from the hose attachment. Releasing the air prevents condensation build up which will corrode the tank.

Clean up #

Take 5-10 minutes before the end of your shift to put away tools and tidy up the surfaces of the repair benches. Also give customers a 20-30 minute warning prior to closing and advise them to start cleaning up their work areas. Tools, solvents, and lubricants should be returned to their proper places.

Do not leave bikes on the repair stands. If a bike is in the process of a rebuild, keep all its parts together with the bike either attaching it back on the bike or in a bag secured to the bike.

Do not leave parts lying around as they may be disposed of without warning.

As a good rule of thumb: Leave the shop in a state you would like it to be if you were to start your shift.

Put away iPad and cash box #

Lock the shop iPad in the cash box and return it to the back cage when closing up.

This is also a good practice to follow even if you are leaving the shop for a brief period (ie: to go to the bathroom) so that these are not left out in the open unattended.

Signs #

Bring any Bike Root signs from outside back into the shop before locking up. The signs may be located in any of the following areas:
– Just outside the exterior door
– The top of the stairs, behind the outside bike rack
– The top of the ramp, leading down into the shop entrance

Bike Root signs may be located in any of these locations.

Locking up shop keys #

Finally, return the shop keys to the key safe outside hanging from the bike rack.

When returning the keys to the key safe, place them in the bottom section before closing to ensure that the safe does not jam.

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