Used parts #

Bike Root stocks many take-off parts that are used in the refurbishing of bikes. Customers may often come in to search for these parts. Below is a list of, but not exclusive to, what we keep in stock. Prices are per unit, unless otherwise stated.

Brakes (cantilever, caliper, v-brake)$5/ea or $10/pair
Brake levers$5/ea or $10/pair
Crank arms$5
Cranksets (two arms, spindle, chainring(s))$10
Derailleurs (front, rear)$5
Handlebars (dropbar, flatbar)$5
Racks (rear mounted)$5
Shifters (combo, friction/downtube, thumb, grip/twist, trigger)$5/ea or $10/pair
Stems (quill, threadless)$5
Tires (24″, 26″, 700c)$10
Wheels – 26″ and smaller$10
Wheels – 27″, 29″, 700C$20
Bikes (incomplete/unrefurbished, sold as-is)$50

Replacement Parts #

Below are a list of “consumable” parts often used in the refurbishing of bikes.

Bolts (chainring, derailleur)$1/ea
Brake pads (rim; caliper, cantilever, v-brake)$5/pair
Cables (brake, shift)$3/ea or $5/pair
Cable housing (brake, shift)$5/meter1
Rim tape$2/wheel2

1A whole bike uses approximately 2 meters of housing. Rehousing both shifter cables uses approximately 1 meter, as does both brake cables.

2Free if purchased with wheel, tire, and/or tube.

Used parts in the back room #

We keep a number of used parts in the back room, usually on the shelves along the secured side of the fence. Unless labelled (and thus belonging to other volunteers), most of these are higher quality parts either donated to us or removed from brand name bikes that could not be refurbished.

These may include parts such as:

  • Dropper seatposts
  • Hydraulic and/or disc braking systems
  • Bottom brackets
  • Groupsets
  • Series grade shifters
  • Saddles
  • Aerobars
  • Forks

We occasionally get quality, brand name bikes in need of parts for refurbishing (ie: Giant, Specialized, Trek, Norco, etc). Parts in the back can be used for these type of bikes. Be sure to price accordingly. Any quality parts that are donated to us should be sorted and stored here.

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