Selling a bike

Entering the sale of a bike #

On the Bike Root iPad:

  • Open the Square app
  • Select Bike Sale
    • Enter price of bike
    • Enter bike ad # in the notes (so this can be traced back to the receipt)
    • Optional: if the checklist has the serial number, add that into the notes as well.
  • Select Annual Membership
  • Select Discounts
    • Enter price of Annual Membership ($10)
  • Select Charge
  • Follow customer’s method of payment
    • Do not forget to offer receipt
  • Return to iPad’s main screen and open Membership app
  • Get customer to fill in details and submit

See Using the Square app for more details.

Do not forget to delete the bike from the #bikes-for-sale Slack channel. See Posting a bike for sale for more details.

Note: do not dispose of the bike’s checklist; we keep them together in a “Sold Bikes” sleeve.

Selling a refurbished bike #

Bikes that are ready for sale will be located under the READY-TO-SELL BIKES sign.

Before allowing customers to take a bike on a test ride, check to ensure the brakes are fully functional!! The entrance of Bike Root is at the bottom of a ramp, so we want to make sure customers can stop as they come down it. Also remind test riders the top of the ramp is a high traffic area and to look out for cars.

Prices should be noted on the bike (to be assigned by Mechanics). If it does not have a price on it, it can be sold for around $80-150 (also taking into consideration the amount and type of parts used in its repair).

Bike purchases include 1) a free membership, and 2) $10 off the marked price of a lock. Memberships lasts for one year from date of signing up, so if signing up on April 30, 2021, it is good until April 30, 2022.

Prices are (generally) non-negotiable.

Do not offer to reserve the bike for customers to return and pick up later. Bike purchases are first come, first served. If it is bought, it leaves the same day.

Short-term rentals, refunds #

We generally want to avoid offering refunds on bikes sold; potential buyers have the opportunity to look over the bikes and give it a test ride before committing to the purchase. We do not have an actual refund policy or return period.

However some people may have a practical reason for returning their bikes, such as exchange students only needing bikes as short-term transportation during their stay here. In situations like this we may be willing to offer buyers their money back minus $20 per month (or portions thereof), provided the condition of the bike is roughly the same as when they bought it.

For example,
– If a bike is purchased for $120 and used for 2 or 3 weeks, we could return $100
– If a bike is purchased for $120 and is used for 2 months, we could return $80

If people no longer require their bikes, we want to encourage them to sell it themselves especially since can get back more money from a private sale than from us.

We may also want to avoid accepting bikes back if we have a surplus of bikes to sell or we do not have a lot of space in the shop.

Before accepting the bike back, give it a quick test ride and inspection to ensure it functions well and does not require a lot of work to resell, such as minor adjustments or lubrication and no replacement of major parts.

See Processing a return for steps to refund.

Selling an un-refurbished bike #

Bikes that still need work are located in the middle of the shop.

If someone is interested in a bike that is in this pile, feel free to sell it at a discounted price (~$50 depending on condition, more if itโ€™s a really nice name brand like Specialized, Norco, Trek, Bianchi, Pinarello, etc.) These bikes are sold AS-IS. Any additional parts will cost extra (tires, tubes, kickstands, brakes, cables, etc).

Encourage customers to make use of their memberships to repair their bikes.

Selling a semi-refurbished bike #

We also have a pile of bikes that are “almost refurbished” piled between the front gate and truing stand table.

These are almost completed bikes and are missing parts we do not have in stock. Some people may be okay with these if they are willing to find the remaining parts on their own and complete their own repairs.

These are unlikely to have a price on them as they have not been finished or given a final test ride. When pricing them, estimate what we would sell it as a completed bike and subtract the cost of the missing part.

Holding a semi-refurbished or unfinished bike #

We want to avoid reserving bikes for customers to return and pick up later. We have had situations where people have said they wanted a bike only to never show up or respond when contacted.

However, if one wishes to choose kindness and excellent customer service in low risk situations, the volunteer may offer to hold the bike for a customer on the conditions that said volunteer:

  1. ensures that the bike gets fixed ASAP (within a day or two). This may require coordinating with mechanics in upcoming shifts and communicating the priority for the repair, either in person or on Slack, and
  2. is responsible for communicating directly with the potential buyer for a pickup/purchase no later than one day from the time it is complete and informing the volunteer that will be in during that time of the sale if the volunteer that put the hold on the bike is not able to be present.

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