Using the Square app

Square app main screen

Entering sale of parts #

On the Bike Root iPad:

  • Open the Square app
  • Select part
    • If part not listed, enter as Misc and leave description in comment
  • Enter price
  • Select +
    • If more than one of same item, select item after and change quantity
  • Repeat for each item
Entering price of item
  • Select Charge
    • If paying with cash or e-Transfer, select cash amount
    • If paying with card or mobile payment, use Square reader
Payment options
  • Offer customer receipt options

Processing a return #

On the Bike Root iPad:

  • Open the Square app
  • Select Transactions (bottom of screen)
  • Locate the sale you are looking to refund
    • Sales may be searched by the credit card number, customer name, customer email address, and/or date of purchase
    • If none of these can be found and a bike was purchased, the date of purchase may be located by searching the membership document for the customer
    • If no other information can be found and the customer cannot provide any, then a refund cannot be provided
Locate previous sale
  • Select Issue Refund
    • Select the item(s) to refund, or
    • Select the amount to refund
Sales details
Select items to refund
Enter amount to refund
  • Select Next
  • Select Refund
  • Select Done

e-Transfer Payments #

We also accept e-Transfer payments if the customer does not have cash, card, or mobile payment options. Payment can be sent to with an obvious password and the sales can be processed as a cash transaction.

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