Location of Keys

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The key safe is located outside hanging from the bike rack. The combination can be obtained from any senior volunteer. When you are given the combination, do not pass it to anyone else. Instead refer them to a senior volunteer.

Key Policy #

To prevent situations where volunteers are locked-out when coming to the shop, DO NOT keep the key while leaving the door locked to working on your own bike. Instead,

  1. Leave the door open and be willing to help customers. You cannot just show up, keep the key on your person, and expect privacy in case another volunteer shows up and needs to get in.
  2. If you are going to come in and work on your bike and you want privacy, put the key back into the lockbox in case another volunteer needs to get in. Yes, it is inconvenient to retrieve the key again when you have to lock up, but it will be easier when going on breaks/etc.

When returning the keys to the key safe, place them in the bottom section before closing to ensure that the safe does not jam.

If the keys are not located in the key safe and the doors are locked, Steven or Alex can let you in. Their contact information is posted on the front of the door.

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