Volunteer Onboarding

Once a prospective volunteer has completed the 4 requisite buddy shifts, the following access must be given:

Private Slack Channels #

New volunteers must be added to the “volunteers only” Slack channels:
* advocacy
* ideas
* meetings
* needed-parts
* project-bikes
* scheduling
* volunteer_chat
* wiki

They can be added using the Bike Root account on the tablets or you can message Derrick to do this.

Square Login #

New volunteers will need a Square login to enter their hours. Open up Square on the tablet and:

1. Select More (located on the bottom right)
2. Select Team
3. Select the + icon (located on the top right)
4. Have them enter the Preferred name, Last name, Email
5. Select Volunteer as the Primary Job Title
6. Have them enter a 4-digit Personal Passcode
7 Select Save when completed.

Weekly Schedule Spreadsheet and Volunteer Guide #

They will need access to the Weekly Schedule spreadsheet on Google Drive so they can add/remove themselves to the schedule (which appears on the bikeroot.ca front page).

Access to the Volunteer Guide will also be useful in case anything was not covered during the orientation/buddy shifts or was forgotten.

Lockbox Combination #

The combination to the lockbox will need to be given to new volunteers so they can get into the building, shop, and cash box.

Also go over the following key policies and procedures:

  • Once everything has been unlocked and the shop is opened, leave the key in the cashbox while the shop is open so that other volunteers will know where to find it if they need it.
  • If you are coming to the shop when it is closed and want privacy while you are working on your bike, return the key back to the lockbox once you have unlocked everything. This is so other volunteers can get the key to enter the building if they need to.
  • If you are coming to the shop when it is closed and do not want to put the key back into the lockbox, open up the shop and be prepared to help members and customers.
  • If you have locked yourself out of the building and the keys are in the shop, you can get back in by going up to the 6th floor of the Arts building (either through stairs or going through the parkade level) and taking the freight elevator down. Note: the building doors are automatically locked after 10PM.
  • If you have locked the keys inside the shop, please let Derrick know; he has a spare set of keys that are kept on campus at all times.

Important: DO NOT give the lockbox combination to anyone, even if they say they are a volunteer. Please direct them to a volunteer coordinator or senior volunteer and they will be given the combination if they are supposed to have it. This is a security measure so we know who has access to the shop.

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