Waste material disposal

Metal #

We have bins in the shop to dispose metal into (bike parts, chains, cables, etc). When these bins get full, we can take them to the Physical Plant on campus for recycling. The bike wagon can be used to transport these, as well as any metal too big to fit in them, such as bike frames.

The metal recycling bin can be accessed 24/7.

See map for directions.

Alternatively, metal can be taken to scrap metal recycling. To encourage this practice, anyone who brings the metal to scrap recycling gets to keep the money.

Tires (NO TUBES) #

Tires can be be transported to the Grounds Building on campus for recycling. Note: they can only accept tires; no tubes.

The tire recycling bin can be accessed 24/7.

See map for directions.

Bike tires can also be recycled at the following locations in Calgary:

Bow Cycle
6501 Bowness Road NW

Ridley’s Cycle Kensington
223-10 Street NW

See: Alberta Bicycle Tire Recycling for more details

Hazardous Waste #

The closest location to dispose of hazardous waste (ie: lubricants, cleaners, etc) is:

Bowness Fire Station #15
6328 35 Avenue NW
Open 8am-6pm

Bike Wagon #

The wagon can (usually) be found in the back. To mount the wagon, you will require a bike with a quick release rear wheel as it latches onto a special quick release (QR) skewer.

Replace the bicycle’s QR skewer with the wagon’s and attach the wagon’s arms onto the QR mounts. Lock the ends in place so the arms do not detach from the mounts.

Do not forget to remove the wagon’s quick release skewer from the bike when finished!

Recyclables #

Recyclable material (paper, plastic) can be disposed of in the green bin outside of the Bike Root bay doors.

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