Grand Re-opening

Within two weeks of society starting to return to normal, we will be open and celebrate with free pizza, water/pop, and maybe even ice-cream.  This will be the perfect time to chat with a Bike Root volunteer to learn more about Bike Root, or use the newly-renovated shop facilities and tools if you already know what’s up.  The renovations enable up to 8 people comfortably in the shop at one time, 2x more capacity than before, with a more streamlined tool layout as well. 

Also, if you have a bicycle you would like to donate, this would be a great time to bring it! Bicycle donations are welcome any time the shop is open. The most up-to-date shop hours can always be found at

Currently paused; will resume!

Deep Clean Saturday
With most of the bikes sold (from the Grand Re-opening) opening up a tremendous amount of space, let’s clean Bike Root from top to bottom!  A couple people will dust the ceiling pipes the night before (and letting the dust settle overnight).  Then, we’ll be hard at work scrubbing every surface to make sure we’re ready for the busy spring season!  As with most Bike Root events, this will include free pizza and pop starting at 11am.

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