How do I become a member?
Simply come to the shop when we are open to purchase a membership. For more information, visit our membership page.

Do I need to be a student to become a member?
Membership is open to everyone! UCalgary students, faculty, alumni, support staff, and all members of the Calgary community.

How can I pay?
Debit/credit cards and cash.  If paying by card, consider using your debit card as credit cards have higher processing fees, so by choosing debit, your transaction goes further toward growing the cycling community in Calgary!


Where is the shop?
Our shop is located on the University of Calgary campus, inside the Arts Parkade. Visit this page for detailed directions.

Where can I park my car?
All parking within the university is paid and parking is available for $5/hour at the hourly parking lots or $11 per entry at the Art Parkade. Visit the Parking and Transportation website for locations and rates.

My bicycle needs repairs, can I make an appointment?
Appointments are not required.  Please check our volunteer schedule for hours of operation.

How much do you charge for bike repairs?
We are a DIY repair shop, so the expectation is you will perform your own repairs.  Volunteers are on hand to guide you if you do not know how to or know which tools to use.  If you do not have the capability to do your own repairs, we recommend contacting UCalgary’s Outdoor Centre or Village Bicycles.

How experienced are your volunteers/mechanics?
Experience varies between volunteers.  We have volunteers who are very knowledgeable on the mechanics of bicycles and volunteers who are just starting to learn.  However we do have many available resources on hand to help you with your repair.

What can I expect to learn?
This depends on the amount of traffic we have in the shop and your previous experience working on bicycles. We try to have multiple volunteers in at all times so each visitor to the shop can get attention. Our volunteers may be able to walk you through repairs, but it is up to you to get your hands dirty and do the work!

What kinds of tools do you have?
We have every tool needed to work on most bikes. We have repair stands and a basic tool kit for each but also have tools such as a headset press, rotor tuning fork, and press-fit bottom bracket remover. We do not have tools for working on hydraulic brakes, suspension components, tubeless tires, welding, etc. The largest piece of machinery we have is our air compressor. If we are missing a tool that you feel is important for us to have, speak to the mechanic and we will consider making a purchase.

Can I work on my full suspension mountain bike?
Absolutely, but do note that we do not have tools to bleed hydraulic disc brakes, service suspension components, or install tubeless tires.

Can I leave my bike at your shop?
No, so please plan ahead and do not leave your bike with us. Any bikes left in the shop may be perceived as a donation and can be subjected to disassembly for parts, put up for sale, or disposed of.


Do you sell parts?
Yes! We have an inventory of brand new common parts, including all common-sized tubes, brake pads, chains, freewheels/cassettes, brake cables/housing and shift cables/housing as well as a large inventory of used (and sometimes obscure!) parts and frames. We also stock many accessories such as bells, lights, locks, etc.

Do you sell bikes?
Yes!  We sell bikes that have been refurbished and repaired by our volunteers.  Supply and availability vary from time to time; inventory moves quickly through the spring and summer seasons, but we are often well stocked during the fall and winter.  Visit the #bikes-for-sale channel on our Bike Root Slack workspace to see what we have in stock.

I’m interested in a bike you have for sale.  Can you hold it for me?
No, unfortunately bikes are on a first come, first served basis and the expectation is you are also leaving with the bike the day you purchase it.

Can I sell my bike to Bike Root?
Bike Root does not buy bikes for a few reasons: we don’t want to unintentionally create demand for the stolen bike market in Calgary, and there are many better resources to sell your bike including various online marketplaces and the annual Calgary Bike Swap.

Do you accept parts or bikes as donations?
Yes we do!  Please visit our volunteer schedule for when a volunteer is available to accept your donation.  Any donations left at the door unannounced may be interpreted as someone’s property or as trash and will be left untouched.