Full Service has ENDED as Austin prepares to start his own bike repair shop: Village Bicycles

À la carte style: select what you need!
$20 off Tune and Clean packages for UCalgary students, faculty, staff, or families bringing more than 2 bikes

• Shift system adjustment/tuning (including derailleur hanger alignment)
• Mechanical brake system adjustment/tuning
• Correct tire pressure
• Lubricate drivetrain
• Chain wear check
• Minor wheel truing if required
• Bottom Bracket and Headset checks

• Deep clean entire drivetrain
• Lubricate entire drivetrain
• Full wipe-down bike cleaning
• Lubricate pivoting components

• Useful to swap between summer and winter tires or if needing new tires.
Tires not included. New tires for $20+. Used tires for $10 each. Standard tubes for $7 each. Specialty tubes cost more.

• Restores performance by replacing the fluid and eliminating air bubbles.

SOMETHING ELSE? – $60 each hour of work plus applicable part costs

How to have your bike serviced through Bike Root’s full-service program:
1. Schedule an appointment (big green “Schedule Appointment” button on this page)
2. Drop off the bike(s) at the scheduled time and ideally stick around and watch or return when it is complete, typically about an hour.

How long will it take to have my bike(s) serviced at Bike Root?
-We will do our best to have your bike(s) ready within 2 hours.

How/when do I pay?
-Payment will be accepted after the job is complete, either by credit, debit, or cash.

I need a specific task completed on my bike that is not listed in the service packages. Can you help me with this?
-Possibly! Let us know when scheduling your appointment, and if we cannot accommodate, we’ll let you know.

Is there anything you can’t do?
-Bike Root does not currently have the tools and the skill set to properly work on suspension components or tubeless tires. Try asking another bike shop to see if they’re fully equipped to work on those components!

Do mechanics receive compensation for their work?
-Yes, Bike Root mechanics will receive a portion of every service job applied to their University of Calgary tuition.