DURING COVID-19: Every volunteer is considered a Shop Hand.  Please come prepared to fix your bike with out any help to help respect distancing guidelines.


Shop Hand
If you are curious about Bike Root and just want to say hi and get more information, stop by any time the shop is open.  A ‘Shop Hand’ can help you sign up to be a member, check out any parts or bikes you want to buy, but has yet to master their own bike mechanical skills.

If you need a little bit more help to guide you along your hands-on bike repair process, make sure you visit Bike Root while a mechanic is present.  ‘Mechanics’ have the skills to help you replace tubes/tires, replace shift/brake cables or housing, replace your chain, cleaning and lubricating your drivetrain components, and tune shifting/braking.  Bike Root mechanics are not expected to work on hydraulic components, hubs, bottom brackets, headsets, etc.  In addition to all of the hands-on help Bike Root mechanics provide, they can also assist with everything the ‘Shop Hand’ can do!

¿Why the change in the structure of Shop Hours?
•Better expectations for members to know the level of service they can plan to receive when they visit Bike Root.
•By removing the barriers of entry to become a volunteer at Bike Root, we can attract more volunteers in the form of ‘Shop Hand’ to keep the Bike Root shop open significantly longer…enabling more opportunities for a quick tire inflation, part purchase, tune-up, etc.!

¿How long is a volunteering commitment with Bike Root?

•Bike Root’s schedule coincides with the UCalgary Academic Schedule.  A volunteering commitment is for a season aligning with the semester schedules of Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer.  As such, you will not be expected to host shop hours during any University-recognized holidays and breaks.  If something suddenly comes up that interferes with your volunteering commitment at Bike Root, let our VP Internal know ASAP, and we’ll accommodate.  Things happen, worrying about your volunteering commitments shouldn’t add any extra stress during an already trying time.

¿What is required of me if I volunteer with Bike Root?
•A minimum of 2 weekly hours on a set schedule, a willingness to learn, and the humbleness to acknowledge when there is something you don’t know.  Thanks again for considering joining the Bike Root team.  We look forward to welcoming you and helping you grow your own bicycle mechanical skills!


Bike Root is seeking to fulfill several positions by current undergrad students of U of C. Please contact info@bikeroot.ca to indicate your interest. If you think you have something to contribute that is not listed here, feel free to let us know!

VP Events:
• Responsible for the continued success of the annual Spring Bike Sale in MacHall
• Builds on the success of previous events and leads the creation of new events in line with Bike Root’s mission

VP External Events:
• Works with outside organizations to represent Bike Root in the community through our mobile setup
• Can include major events like the Folk Music Festival, or community-level setups at local malls, containR, etc.
• Must be able to pull the Bike Root trailer with your own bike (connects through a custom quick-release)

Donate Funds

We put this last for a reason: we want you to be hands-on in growing the cycling community in Calgary, but we realized not everyone has different roles in making that happen.  If you happen to be in a place in life where you don’t have the time to volunteer in-person, but want to continue seeing Bike Root’s growth, donating funds is an option that enables us to continue investing in the shop, in our student volunteers, and in growing the cycling community of Calgary through unrivaled bike repair affordability.  Please click the following link to securely donate funds: https://checkout.square.site/buy/IOIFWN2QHZ64ZIRDDYJA2JKR