Posting a bike for sale

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After a bike has been repaired and test ridden, post the bike for sale on the #bikes-for-sale Slack channel. This will provide visibility of available bikes and can help potential buyers determine if they want to come down to the shop. Remember to fill out all the details in the checklist.

Slack hides posts and attachments older than 90 days. To get around this, we have a Slack app that will automatically repost ads after 60 days so that they are not lost.

Posting an ad #

  1. Open up the Slack app on the Bike Root iPad
  2. Select the #bikes-for-sale channel and start a new post

  3. Enter a description of the bike
    • Include any features you may think would interest a potential buyer, ie:
      • Size of the frame (20″, 60cm, Large)
      • Make/model/colour
      • Type of bike (road, mountain, cruiser)
      • Price
      • Ad #
    • The ad # comes in handy when we have to delete the ad after the bike has been sold or when we have to do an inventory check on the bikes and make sure the channel matches what we have in stock at the shop.
  4. Select the + icon and select the camera icon
    1. Take a picture of the bike, and
    2. Take a picture of the checklist, including the referring ad #.

Note: make sure both pictures are in the same post otherwise it will not be automatically reposted properly after 60 days!

Deleting an ad #

  1. Open up the Slack app on the Bike Root iPad
  2. Select the #bikes-for-sale channel and select the post you wish to delete

  3. Select the “…” button and select Delete Message.

  4. Confirm you wish to delete this ad.

    Congrats on the sale!

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